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Czy masz skończone osiemnaście lat i chcesz oglądać treści dla dorosłych?

Tak mam powyżej 18 lat. nie dziękuję
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FFE The Prisoner

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Put his boner behind bars with this chastity belt cock cage!
Punish your subject’s misbehaved member with The Prisoner steel cock cage chastity belt. Made from highly-polished steel and secured with lock and key, this shiny chrome chastity cage will keep your sub’s cock behind bars until you decide to set it free. Dare your subject to get a hard-on and watch as they struggle inside the prison-like confines of the cage. No matter how aroused he gets, the curved steel shape prevents your sub from getting erect, but the open design still allows them the freedom to piss when they need to. You hold the key to pleasure, so make sure they do as you say before you grant them their freedom. The designer alligator-style waist strap easily adjusts to fit most sizes and feels great against your skin.

Make sure your subject is flaccid before trying to fit his cock into the cage and use plenty of Moist® lubricant to make insertion easy and painless. Attach a leash to the waist strap and explore all your master-and-slave role-playing fuck fantasies!
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